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Free Short Horror Stories

Looking for a collection of Free Horror Short Stories covering a variety of works from famous authors? Search no more! Our Free Online Short Supernatural stories will prove to be favourites with adults and children alike! Some come from books by famous authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Ambrose Bierce. All of our on-line fictional scary and ghost tales are completely free and printable! The following selection of famous short Horror stories will provide hours of reading pleasure

Classic Free Horror Short Stories

We have included a selection of Classic Free Short Stories from the books of famous authors such as the celebrated Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Allen Poe and Daniel DeFoe. Great tales from these authors about the The Damned Thing, The Premature Burial and even the story of the Banshee!

Forget the TV - Relax with some great, short stories!

Lose yourself in a gripping, Horror, Ghost or Supernatural Tale! TV is great but leaves little to the imagination! Spend some quality time with the kids by reading them a quick bedtime story - they don't take long and will help in the education of your children! There are so many scary tales to choose from!

The Masque of the Red Death - Horror Story By Edgar Allen Poe

The Damned Thing - Horror Story By Ambrose Bierce

The Premature Burial - Horror Story By Edgar Allen Poe

The Banshee - Horror Story

The Murders in the Rue Morgue - Horror Story By Edgar Allen Poe

The Rival Ghosts - Horror Story by Brander Matthews

The Silent Woman - Story by
Leopold Kompert

The Raven - By Edgar Allen Poe

The Devil in the Belfry By Edgar Allen Poe

A Diagnosis of Death by Ambrose Bierce

What types of Free Horror Short Stories are available?

Our selection of Free Online Horror Stories cover the following topics - there's something to suit everyone's taste!


  • Ghost

  • Scary

  • Psychic

  • Creepy

  • Eerie

  • Frightening

  • Supernatural

  • Great


Free Horror Short Stories

Free Horror Short Stories
The internet is a great resource for literature - you don't even need to go to the library! No more fines - just select  free, printable Horror storys - read them and then throw them away - better still, create your own folder, or book, of favourite Horror tales! Famous scary tales from the books of the greatest authors! Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Allen Poe and Daniel DeFoe to name but a few! We hope you get hours of enjoyment from reading our scary selection of famous free online Horror fictional ghost stories.

Free Short Horror Stories  
Online printable Free Short Stories

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