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Inspirational Stories

Read our selection of inspirational stories, a great selection of inspirational free stories full of ideas and enthusiasm! Need some encouragement? Look no further, these stories will help you with lots of ideas and give you the encouragement to continue pursuing your dreams in your own journey through life. Discover how some of the most inspiring characters in history struggled to overcome hurdles and issues in their own life to continue and become successful. Read their inspirational life stories! Follow the example set by these amazing people, read the stories to your own children, all the great inspirational stories below are free and printable!

Inspirational Stories

All of the amazing inspirational stories included on this page have been taken from the book Fifty Famous People - A Book of Short Stories by James Baldwin. The Book was Published in 1912 and James Baldwin describes each of the people included in the individual stories as having left "footprints on the sands of time".
The stories are not biographies but have been based on the true life of the individual. They are all truly inspirational and great examples of excellent moral values and despite being written over one hundred years ago, they are still relevant today. If you are looking for an inspirational story to read to your children, look no further! Just click on one of the links above to read about one of the fifty stories about individuals who have left a legacy for us all to enjoy.

Saving The Birds - Inspirational Story

Another Bird - Inspirational Story

Speaking A Piece - Inspirational Story

Writing A Composition

The Whistle Inspirational Tale

The Ettrick Shepherd - Inspirational Story

The Caliph And The Poet

"Becos! Becos! Becos!" - Inspirational Story

A Lesson In Humility

The Midnight Ride - Inspirational Story

The Boy And The Wolf - Inspirational Story

Another Wolf - Inspirational Story

The Horseshoe Nails

The Landlord's Mistake

A Lesson In Manners - Inspirational Story

Going To Sea - Inspirational Story

The Shepherd-Boy Painter

Two Great Painters - Inspirational Story

The King And The Bees

Our First Great Painter - Inspirational Story

The Young Scout - Inspirational Story

The Lad Who Rode Sidesaddle

The Whisperers - Inspirational Story

How A Prince Learned To Read

"Read And You Will Know"

The Young Cupbearer Inspirational Story

The Sons Of The Caliph

The Boy And The Robbers - Inspirational Story

A Lesson In Justice Inspirational Story

The General And The Fox

The Bomb Inspirational Story

A Story Of Old Rome

Saved By A Dolphin - Inspirational Story

"Little Brothers Of The Air"

A Clever Slave

The Dark Day - Inspirational Story

The Surly Guest

The Story Of A Great Story

The King And The Page

The Hunted King - Inspirational Story

"Try, Try Again!"

Why He Carried The Turkey

The Paddle-Wheel Boat - Inspirational Story

The Caliph And The Gardener

The Cowherd Who Became A Poet

The Lover Of Men - Inspirational Story

The Charcoal Man And The King

Which Was The King?

The Golden Tripod - Inspirational Story

Inspirational Stories - Life Stories

Bring back some wonderful childhood memories reading through this selection of fiction or use the stories to help when writing your own stories, guaranteed to give you enthusiasm and fill you full of great ideas for your own stories and life. A fantastic selection of Inspirational Stories, some of the stories are very short and ideal for younger children. Looking for stories of successful individuals? Look through the selection of life stories we have selected, guaranteed to inspire you!

Printable Inspirational Life Stories

These wonderful inspirational stories from the books of this famous author are perfect for Bedtime stories for children or use them as ideas for school book days or dress up days! All the inspiring stories featured are in a printable format.

Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

Great Inspirational Stories

Printable Free Short Inspirational
Short Stories!

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