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Anton Chekhov Free Short Stories
The inspirational short stories of Anton Chekhov are famous around the World. Some of the best loved stories and tales have been penned by this remarkable Russian author considered as one of the best short story writers in history and by some as the founder of short stories! The following selection of his famous short stories will provide hours of reading pleasure.

The Darling by A.P. Chekhov
The Bet - Short Story
Difficult People by Anton Chekhov
Vanka by Anton Chekhov
The Witch by Anton Chekhov
Peasant Wives by A.P. Chekhov
The Post by A.P. Chekhov
Dreams - Short Story
The Pipe by A.P. Chekhov
The Lottery Ticket - Short Story
Agafya by Anton Chekhov
At Christmas Time Short story by Anton Chekhov
The Student by A.P. Chekhov
The Huntsman by A.P. Chekhov
Happiness by A.P. Chekhov
A Malefactor - by Anton Chekhov
An Actor's End - Short Story
A Troublesome Visitor
A Happy Man - Short Story
An Enigmatic Nature by Anton Chekhov
A Defenceless Creature
The Jeune Premier Short Story
An Avenger by A.P. Chekhov
Gone Astray - Short Story
A Slander by A.P. Chekhov
Frost - A Short Story by A.P. Chekhov
In Trouble by A.P. Chekhov
The Beggar - Short Story
A Story Without A Title by A. Chekhov
Darkness by Anton Chekhov
Old Age - Short Story
The Looking Glass by Anton Chekhov
A Dead Body - Short Story
The Horse Stealers by Anton Chekhov

Famous Anton Chekhov Free Short Stories
The most famous and inspirational works of Anton Pavlovich Chehov include The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Three Sisters, A Murder,  and A Dead Body. These famous Anton Chekhov Tales and Stories have been included along with some lesser known, but equally enjoyable tales.

Anton Chekhov - His own story!
This amazing Russian born author, well-known for his short fiction and wonderful novels, didn't have the best start in life. In 1876, while Anton was still at school Chekhov's father was declared Bankrupt and the family moved from Taganrog, Southern Russia to Moscow. Anton however remained for a further three years to complete his education and sell the families possessions. During this time he had to support himself and his family as well as pay for his education! He achieved this by catching and selling goldfinches, private tutoring and selling humorous sketches about contemporary Russian life to newspapers. Anton Chekhov finished his schooling in 1879 and moved to Moscow to join his family. He studied medicine at Moscow University and qualified as a doctor in 1884. He practiced as a doctor despite writing over four hundred short stories in his short life (died of Tuberculosis at just 44 years old). His famous quote "Medicine is my lawful wife",  "and literature is my mistress." perfectly sums up his career.

His most famous stories included:

  • The Tutor - 1884

  • The Cook's Wedding - 1885

  • Small Fry - 1885

  • The Witch - 1886

  • A Story Without an End - 1886

  • A Joke - 1886

  • Agafya - 1886

  • A Nightmare - 1886

  • Grisha - 1886

  • Love - 1886

  • Easter Eve - 1886

  • Ladies - 1886

  • Champagne - 1887

  • Frost - 1887

  • The Beggar - 1887

  • Enemies - 1887

  • Darkness - 1887

  • Polinka - 1887

  • Drunk - 1887

  • An Inadvertence - 1887

  • The Lottery Ticket - 1887

  • The Murder - 1895

  • At Christmas Time - 1900


Anton Chekhov died at Badenweiler, German Empire of Tuberculosis on July 15th, 1904. He was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery next to his father.

Anton Chekhov - The Plays!
Many of Anton Chekhov stories have been immortalised in famous plays. Some of these famous plays are as follows :

  • The Seagull

  • Uncle Vanya

  • The Cherry Orchard

  • Three Sisters. 

Printable Anton Chekhov Free Short Stories
These wonderful short stories and tales from this famous author are perfect for those who appreciate his wonderful style of writing. The stories featured are in a printable format. Try downloading free stories to your kindle, ipad or your favorite ebook reader.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Free Short Stories

Anton Chekhov Free Short Stories - Biography

Nationality Russian 
Lifespan - 1860 - 1904 
Family - Father owned a grocery shop
Education - Studied Medicine at Moscow University 
Career - Physician, Dramatist and Author
Famous works by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: The Murder and A Dead Body
Considered one of the best short story writers in history!

Anton Chekhov Free Short Stories
Printable Free Short Stories

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